2.02 – Fast Forward


Oh, lookee here. Either Eleven’s magically shrunk significantly or…

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2.01 – New New Beginnings


Congrats, Eleven! In this temporary dictatorship, you have been chosen as torch bearer for the second generation!

Eleven: Does this mean the readers get to watch me climb up my career ladder and be inspired by my ambition?

Of course!  I was totally going to say that.

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1.19 – In Which Everything Falls Apart

What happens when several hours’ worth of pictures are lost and, erm, someone goes on a CC deleting spree and accidentally deletes several skin tones???

Prepare yourselves.

Things that have occurred during the Great Unknown Period That Could Probably Be Recovered But Will Not Be Because of Laziness:

  1. Location: Moonlight Falls –> Lucky Palms
  2. Aging: Children –> Teens! Toddlers –> Children (presumably)
  3. Cats! 2 kittens: Toothless (leopard-y?) and Nugget (black with white spots) were adopted
  4. And that’s what you missed on…



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1.17 – Frumpleboo


Yes, this blog is actually getting updated! Okay, before we begin, the next two chapters (including this one) were shot MONTHS AND MONTHS ago…as were the next ~10 chapters worth of photos that were then deleted in a fit of cleaning frenzy by one unfortunate soul (oops).

In other words, after the next chapter, there will be an odd time jump! Bones will be grown! Puberty will be achieved at speeds previously unbeknownst to simkind! Locatiosn will be changed! Exclamation points will be used!

Anyway, back to the daily semi sporadic program!

Farquaad is still Farquaad.

Frumpleboo™:  helloooo there

Farquaad, you might be too dangerous. How does this happen every time you meet one of your coworkers??

Farquaad: I’m a firefighter. We hot.

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