2.06 – Entropy


Eleven: Oh. no. Not this again.

Oh, yes. This again. Sorry, Eleven. I’m determined to end this temporary dictatorship, and to do that we need choices.


Oh, gross. That toilet has seen better days.

Eleven: I hate you.

Love you, too.Screenshot-66

Eleven is a good millennial parent and makes sure to update Jon’s social media with every move he makes.

Eleven: Jon is somehow drinking the liquid from his bottle — despite the fact that the liquid appears to be a plastic cylinder glued to the bottom of the bottle! Amazing!


Jon: This is so yummy!

You still can’t talk yet, kiddo.

Jon: Oh. MBlerhhh.

That’s better.Screenshot-68

Warning: this chapter contains toddler spam because, loud as they may be, they’re adorable.

Eleven: Look at me being a good parent! Screenshot-69


You’re really living up to your full potential there, kiddo.

Yes, Eleven managed to teach Jon how to walk! Finally, some positive points!

[e] nope, just found out that only maxing toddler skills gives you points. RUDE, I tell you. RUDE. Screenshot-71

This photo is here purely to show that Eleven still avoids the table. Also, this family has been living off of waffles for the past who knows how many days, as it is the only thing Eleven can sort of cook. Screenshot-73
Eleven also works on teaching the lil bean to speak, but something interrupts her.


Eleven: I may be smiling, but internally I am screaming. I am ambitious and I am stuck here! How am I supposed to become the best stylist this town’s ever seen?

Oh — about that. Uh, entering create a style made my game crash, so you’re now a painter! Woo! 

Eleven: We are going to discuss this later. Screenshot-75

Eleven, for whatever reason, really does not like this toy.

Eleven: It offends me personally.

How?? It’s a kid’s toy and it’s not even making noise currently.

Eleven: IT OFFENDS ME PERSONALLY.Screenshot-81

I remove Eleven from the weirdly offensive toy to inform James of the impending addition(s) to the family.

James: So, there will be another toddler around?

Eleven: Yes! Will you actually help encourage this one to skill up? We need some points here.

James: No! 😁

Thanks, man. Appreciate it.Screenshot-82

Ah, yes. The good old thumbs up. What an effective response, friendo.

James: I knew if you believed in yourself you could do it!

Moving on.


Oh! On a random note, I had them adopt a kitten named Maya because I missed having mini nuggets running around. Also because I still want the Futures to have a thousand cats.

Maya’s face, however, is never captured because she is a demon cat.

Figure 1 – Feral Cat destroys innocent chairScreenshot-80

Figure 2 – Feral Cat continues destroying innocent chair despite observation from pair of legsScreenshot-83

Figure 3 – Feral cat destroys newspaper; legs are still ineffectiveScreenshot-85

Figure 4 – Feral cat destroys another newspaperScreenshot-84

Maya has the destructive trait and it WILL BE THE DEATH OF THIS LEGACY I SWEAR.



  1. sensationaltragedy · August 7

    Yay another pregnancy! Hopefully you get a wide array of gene magic! Also I loved James’ wink with the thumbs up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sim wink while doing that… Maybe I was never paying attention… Anywho, good luck with the demon cat and soon to be baby!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. snazzle · August 7

    Devil cat… I had one of those. In real life, though. LOL I can’t wait to see if spawn #2 has The Jawline (TM) or not. *hehe*

    Liked by 1 person

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