2.05 – Winter is Coming


James: Hm. I seem to have found myself in the great outdoors.

Enjoy it while it lasts, buster. Your hunger meter is dipping dangerously low, and I might have to have Eleven call you back.

James: That seems a bit like cheating.

I’ve decided it isn’t. After all, I’m not sending you back — a sim is!

James: But Eleven’s under your control, so isn’t that essentially the same –

Shhh. Find something else to occupy your time.


Santana: Oh! I do love a good arcade machine…and you remind me of one!

James: 😍

NO. Get back to your pregnant wife!


Santana is pretty, though.

Santana: There is a surplus of women and a dearth of men in this town. What do you do for a living?

James: I’m supposedly a lifeguard, but no one’s witnessed me actually performing any of those duties, so it could be a front.

Santana: Oh…okay. I’m an athlete. Well, you seem nice enough, and I don’t have many options…would you like to go get coffee? Screenshot-44

It turns out I didn’t have much to worry about because James went and pulled the good ol’ “I’m eating dirt now” trick.

Santana: Oh my Plumbob! That is disgusting! Did – did you not just see that dog pee over there?


Santana: This town is cursed. What’s a confident woman like me supposed to do to find some love?

The gender balance in this town does seem a bit off. I’ve noticed many more women than men wandering the streets 🤔Screenshot-47

This haircut seems popular. I disliked it when I first saw it, but Santana, you’ve convinced me otherwise — congratulations!

Santana: Why are all your sims so weird?

No idea, man.

^artful segue



You’re giving birth.

ElevenGiving? Who in Plumbob’s name came up with that wretched phrase? It’s being STOLEN! YANKED! WRENCHED FROM MY VA-Screenshot-51

James: AHH!!!

I live for these expressions. Screenshot-52

birth +5

After some sim hours, the first child of gen 3 is born! Welcome Jon Future, who was named in honor of the new Game of Thrones season. Let’s hope you have a better future (heh) than your namesake.

I’m impatient and aged him up immediately. This is probably against The Rules™ but I figured it was okay.


I then immediately regretted aging him up because toddlers actually require careful attention.


Jon, you don’t know how to talk yet. You have 0 skills and are basically a sitting blob.


That’s better.

Aw, look how angelic lil Jon is. He inherited Eleven/Farquaad’s jawline and cheekbones. He has James’s eyes at the very least — overall, a good mix of his parents! So far, this legacy has escaped the wretched same face plague…knock wood! Screenshot-57

Scratch what I said earlier. Jon Snow, you know nothing 😡

Stop complaining! I had to put my laptop on mute, which was probably a bad indicator of my parenting abilities. I think Eleven was out doing something?Screenshot-58

Anyway, James finally stepped in and proceeded to stand there for ages.

James: *inhales deeply* he smells like youth


Jon finds the one toy we own and keeps himself occupied (thank Plumbob). While Jon is playing outside (because we lack the space inside), the parents bond over some waffles.Screenshot-61

James: We need a computer. How am I supposed to succeed at my job if I don’t have access to the internet?

1) Your job does not exist until we have photographic proof

2) Why do you need a computer to be a lifeguard?

3) We are too poor for a computer.Screenshot-60

Eleven: Okay! That will be our next purchase. *personpersonplus*

NO. Screenshot-62

On an unrelated note, Toothless adores James, which results in cute interactions like this. I’m really tempted to have them adopt five cats. This would, of course, result in the rapid destruction of the legacy, but still — it’s something to consider.

Points: -20



  1. raymondsanti · August 3

    Aww baby Jon! I love the GoT naming scheme 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. snazzle · August 4

    Adorable! Jon too, but mainly Toothless. Ha! JK Seriously though, I can see this generation having some awesome gene mixes. Fingers crossed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sensationaltragedy · August 4

    Jon’s hair is wild! So many colors! I feel like you’re never going to see James do his job as a life guard; that is a dream that will never come true.

    Liked by 1 person

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