2.04 – A Sense of Normalcy


We begin this installment of the Futures with a gratuitous shot of a townie and his admirer.

Elizabeth: Shh…don’t let him know I’m watching.

Elizabeth: You took a photo of him. What does that make you?

I – uh –


Ah, look, it’s our beloved founder! She’s nonjudgmental at least. And kind, and smart, and —

Eleven. What are you doing?? Screenshot-7

Eleven: Nothing like a mid-afternoon pick me up!

You are pregnant.

No, you don’t. I’m sending you back home.

Eleven: But —

I can actually control you, so you are going back home this instant!

Eleven: I would be mad, but there seems to be a delightful lil murder nugget in my way.

Toothless: mrow.Screenshot-11

It seems it’s Toothless’s birthday! James is more excited about this than he was about his wedding.


Have you been in the house this whole time, James? Please, please get a job.

(At this point I used my one move and made him sign up to be a lifeguard — we’ll see if he keeps his wooly scarf)Screenshot-13

Still fluffy but not as cute :c

Toothless: 😡 Screenshot-15

Eleven takes the opportunity to inform James of the impending addition(s) to the family.

Eleven: I have a parasite growing within me, and it has forced me into the most hideous clothes. I am supposed to be a stylist. How am I supposed to show my face in these clothes? Screenshot-17

James: Baby? BABY?

Yes, James.

James: Good job mate. Screenshot-18

What is this dumb thumbs up gesture. All of my sims seem to do it and it’s so stupid I love itScreenshot-21

Eleven decided to show him a more appropriate response.

There are a lot of things going on in this photo so I’ll break it down.

1) baby furniture has miraculously appearedScreenshot-20

2) Adult Toothless is a big fan of the circle political party.

Toothless: Mrow meow row!*

*I approve of their attention to all feline creatures!Screenshot-22

3) Kissing apparently necessitates plunging one’s hand into the partner’s lower abdomen.  Thanks for this lesson, Eleven.

Eleven: You’re welcome!

Next comes a slew of photos that have no real reason or logic behind them. Screenshot-23

The inhabitants of this house still refuse to use the perfectly good table. At least no one’s had to eat on the toilet yet. Screenshot-24

James still enjoys staring out of windows.

James: Windows are a social construct.


They’re still aggressively cute. I’m just relieved no one’s passed out in — what, two chapters? Three? Can I get points just for surviving? No?Screenshot-28

Eleven decides to make some pancakes, and Toothless blesses the fruit (which somehow miraculously vanishes from the pancakes once cooked).
Let’s see what your Cat Blessing™ has won us!

Thanks, Toothless.

Eleven makes another batch (sans Cat Blessing™) and manages to avoid burning them to a crisp. Screenshot-35

And for another miracle — they’re eating at the table!!!

This is the first time they’ve done this. I can’t wait to capture the insightful, sweet conversations they’ll have during their first meal tomorrow!

James: …

Eleven: …Screenshot-36

You’re not making this easy for me, y’all.

Eleven: …

Really? You’re going to leave your dish there? You know it’s going to start emitting bright green fumes at some point, right?

Eleven: How does that even make sense?

Ask EA.

Well, at least James is sure to clean the dishes up —Screenshot-37

Points: -25


One comment

  1. snazzle · August 1

    Just found this ISBI and I gotta say I love it. I’m glad Eleven won (was thrust into?) heirship; she was my favorite. (Sim Eleven and Stranger Things’ Eleven.) Can’t wait to see the James-Eleven mashup that’s coming soon.. woot!

    Liked by 1 person

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