2.03 – Wedding Bells


Today’s the big day, James. Are you ready to be tied to the Futures united with your beloved partner?

James: Yes! It seems like just yesterday I met her.

It was yesterday.


This apparently does not bother James. He seems more interested in staring out the window than anything else.

James, don’t you ever get bored? Screenshot-34

James: You can tell I’m entertained because I’m thinking about a pair of glasses with a fake nose and mustache.


The happy couple tackle their wedding morning in different ways. Screenshot-35

James chooses to avoid the perfectly good kitchen table an instead takes a seat at one of the two randomly placed yellow chairs to enjoy his salad. Screenshot-36

Eleven finds her way to the tub. The Windsors have their graveyards and the Futures have their tubs, I suppose.

Eleven and James have almost no friends, so I took the liberty of inviting every single person they had ever even seen.


Julio: I’m here to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend — uh — which one am I remotely connected to again?

I think Eleven saw you across the lot once.

Julio: Ah, yes, my lifelong friend Eleven! Now, I was told there’d be free food — where is it?

Sorry, bub. No food here.

Julio: But –

MOVING ON.Screenshot-38

The second guest has arrived! She looks very pleased to be here.

Lissa: I’m here to track down the jerk copying my style.

Your – oh. The pants.

Eleven: Is she here? The no good copier? I INVITED HER HERE FOR A DUEL TO THE DEATH. Winner gets to wear the pants.

And live, apparently.

Eleven: Yes, I suppose that as well.Screenshot-40

The soon to be married man takes a pause to contemplate his existence. The brooding trait, while interesting, results in many, many hours spent staring at nothing.

Come on, man. Do you even have a job?

James: No 😀 I’m a free spirit.

Well, that will soon change.

James: What.Screenshot-41

Ah, yes, these are perfect thoughts to be having on one’s wedding day.

James: If I stay, I’ll have to work. If I leave, I’ll leave my beloved soulmate behind…oh, woe is me.

Ignore Eleven’s ugly shoe. My game crashes if I enter create a style too many times, and I was too lazy to go through the trouble of customizing her wedding out –

Eleven: what was that?

Oh, nothing! I was just discussing the amount of time and effort I spent in carefully designing your outfit for your big day. Screenshot-42

Eleven: This is it, James. There’s no going back after this. We’re bound together forever, you and I.

Well, there is the option of divorce, you know.

James: There is??



Let’s also take this opportunity to marvel at Eleven’s cheekbones. These children are going to have some interesting features, that’s for sure. Screenshot-47

Aw, look at them kiss-


Oh, right. I deleted more of my custom content, which resulted in Adrian becoming a depthless black blob for the second time this legacy.

Er — sorry about that, Adrian.

Adrian: O_OScreenshot-49

Look how cute the happy couple is!

James: You haven’t shown my face at all — how do you know I’m happy?

Well, Eleven’s happy, at least.

James: But what about meee-


OH, look, Adrian has features again! I gave him another random skin tone that semi-ish-sort-of-kind-of matched his old one.

And, oh yeah, speaking of style copying — Nancy showed up in the same outfit as Eleven.

Eleven: I’m going to be an only child soon.


Eleven heads off to work for the very first time the next day and spots a very pregnant woman.

Eleven: I am so glad I don’t look like her. That shirt is hideous! Besides, I can’t be having children now. I’ve only just begun my career, and —Screenshot-54

*cue zooming in and magical changing of clothes*

Eleven: I am not pleased.

Points: -25


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  1. raymondsanti · July 27

    This is going to be one interesting child! I laughed at the “Seems like I just met her yesterday” “you did” part 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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