2.02 – Fast Forward


Oh, lookee here. Either Eleven’s magically shrunk significantly or…


Eleven: MARRIAGE. You. Me. Let’s go.

Eleven’s a fast mover. Also, I’m very, very impatient, and my other legacy doesn’t allow for these things.

As a fun fact, they are outside because James kicked Eleven out for using the shower. Eleven, I don’t think he’ll accept your proposal — he won’t even let you stay in his house. Why would he marry –Screenshot-5

I love the Sims. Screenshot-6

Eleven: Finally! An excuse to move out.

In our defense, the houseboat was very, very slow. And small. Screenshot-7

Eleven: Should I say bye to my sister? Nah.

Nancy: My limbs are so long now.

Yes, that’s what happens when you miraculously transform from a teenager to young adult. This is backed up by science, of course. Screenshot-9

I had Eleven take Toothless with her because, well, look at that adorably evil squishy face.

Eleven: Why, thank you.

No, not you. The cat.

Eleven: 😡Screenshot-11

I moved them into an appropriately bright house. It’s actually pretty small — this photo was very purposefully taken from a lower angle to make it look bigger. Hey, I watch House Hunters — I am thus officially certified in all real estate shenanigans.Screenshot-12

Toothless is still cute. Screenshot-14

James waltzes in wearing a thick wool scarf and blazer. James, are you not hot?

James: *smirks*


There isn’t much to do in the house, so James spends a lot of his time staring out of the window.

James: I had such a nice house before. It had fancy blue tile and everything.

In the sad hope that I could get James to at least pursue some self improvement, I sent them both to the library. Screenshot-19

Fun fact: in all my time playing Lucky Palms, this is the first time I’ve seen the library…which probably tells you a bit about how often I keep my sims in their homes. Oops. James’s expression matches mine, though; the library is beautiful! It might be my favorite one. Screenshot-20

Success! Okay, so James is reading a romance novel, but, hey, at least it’s better than staring out the window! Also, he autonomously chose to sit next to Eleven ❤

James: She is my fiancé.

You’ve only known her for 8 hours, man. Just wait for it.

James: 😯Screenshot-21

Despite the fact that neither Eleven nor James is a celebrity, the paparazzi manage to find them anyways.

Paparazzi: I make it a habit to take photos of any potential future celebrities. This guy looks pretty oblivious and, with those genes, that woman has to be a legacy participant. They’ll be celebrities in no time.

That’s…kind of smart.Screenshot-22

Eleven: Why do I feel like vomiting? I do not vomit.


Eleven magically produces a change of clothes from her nonexistent pockets, changes into her everyday wear, and takes a limo home. Screenshot-23

You have no money and you have 0 celebrity stars. How in Plumbob’s name do you have a limo?? Screenshot-25

Eleven: I live the high life.

Sims look so contemplative when they’re in the car. Eleven could be pondering the mysteries of the universe right now.

Eleven: Maybe eating raw onion will prevent me from vomiting…or garlic? Potatoes?

Mysteries of the universe, indeed.


James makes the oddest faces while he sleeps. It is delightful. And concerning…but mostly delightful.

James, I think your jaw might be dislocated.

As a side note, Eleven’s face reflected in the green plumb looks terrifying. Screenshot-31

Points: -25



  1. sensationaltragedy · July 23

    Is Nancy and the other one (I can’t think of his name right now) gonna be in the legacy still? Plus Faarquad! Like I’m sad she’s gonna, I loved her character.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. raymondsanti · July 23

    Is it time for babies?!?! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sensationaltragedy · July 24

    Hi! I’m nominating this blog (even though I know your other blog got nominated) for the Memory Lane Award!

    Liked by 1 person

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