1.19 – In Which Everything Falls Apart

What happens when several hours’ worth of pictures are lost and, erm, someone goes on a CC deleting spree and accidentally deletes several skin tones???

Prepare yourselves.

Things that have occurred during the Great Unknown Period That Could Probably Be Recovered But Will Not Be Because of Laziness:

  1. Location: Moonlight Falls –> Lucky Palms
  2. Aging: Children –> Teens! Toddlers –> Children (presumably)
  3. Cats! 2 kittens: Toothless (leopard-y?) and Nugget (black with white spots) were adopted
  4. And that’s what you missed on…



Ah, the ocean. So blue, so sparkly so…

not Moonlight Falls. Right, so as the above picture suggests, I moved the family to Lucky Palms after getting Showtime.


And, in addition to the beautiful oceans, we are greeted with…this.

Yes, I deleted almost all of my berry skins bc I was sick of my game running slowly…oops.

Sorry, Adrian.Screenshot-2

I gave him a skin tone that semi resembles his old one (ish) because I didn’t want to download more CC.

Adrian: I feel…different.Screenshot-3

Ah, yes, more depthless demons! To the left is Nancy and Eleven is on the right. Yes, they’ve aged up! As a fair warning, y’all, the end of this generation is going to be interesting (i.e. weirdly spaced and full of odd time gaps). Apologies in advance!Screenshot-4

I had deleted their skin tone as well so I gave them a random blueish one. At least now we can see their features. Screenshot-6

OH, yes, we have cats! They’re so small and adorable. I love their little paw prints! This is Nugget.Screenshot-7

This is Toothless. Toothless may or may not be my favorite simply because he pulls evil death glares like the one seen above. Screenshot-5

And…see our founder, Farquaad! She has somehow transformed into a mailbox! Similarly, her youngest, Will, has also turned invisible.

Seriously, y’all, I tried everything I could think of to get them to be visible. I reset them but couldn’t enter CAS.Screenshot-9

This is Will standing next to his sister. Utterly invisible 😦

Eleven: I’m hungry.

Feed yourself!Screenshot-10

You can imagine some of my distress. I had Farquaad shower, as that has worked in the past, but no luck. Seeing as Farquaad is the only sim I can control under isbi rules…well, I was frustrated. I was losing enough points with one sim under my control!

Confession: after googling and several unsuccessful attempts, I, uh, may or may not have force kicked out Farquaad and Will.

Aka the founder and her son have been mercilessly forced out of the household. Am I winning at this challenge yet?Screenshot-13

Nancy: I feel…oddly empty. Like someone has forcibly taken away my mother and brother.

Eleven: Speaking of…where are Mom and Will?


Hey, look! There’s a cat behind you! Screenshot-11

Adrian had been oddly absent, so I went upstairs to check up on him (and to see if he’d noticed his absent wife). I found this delightful surprise.

Self-wetting: -5Screenshot-12

Come on, Adrian! Can’t we have one update without further point loss??

Adrian: I couldn’t help it! There were things in my way! I couldn’t move 😦

You’re literally surrounded by empty deck space.

Points: -25


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