1.18 – Laundry For All


What?? Another chapter?? And it hasn’t been seven months??? :O

Um, Will, honey?

Are – are you sure that’s really the best way to do that?

Will: Yes! The monkey say so!

Disturbing. But I’ll take it. Screenshot-128

Nancy is such a sweet child. I have never seen a sims child help so much around the house! You go, Nancy Future.

Eleven, look at the ice cream! Be tempted! Be a child! INDULGE! >:]

Eleven: I prefer salad, thank you very much.

Who are you.

She always opts for the green salad, which is entirely foreign to me. Screenshot-132

I am very, very surprised Farquaad and Adrian are able to continue being parents. I’m also surprised anyone (including Farquaad) is still alive. Screenshot-133

Seriously. Why did I buy this computer? I should have known that it would only be used for playing games…not that I would know that from, uh, personal experience…cough: see simsScreenshot-139Screenshot-140Screenshot-141Screenshot-143

Aw, look! Your first bus ride together! I would say first bus ride to your first day of school, but, well, we all know that’s not true…

Nancy: I feel attacked. Screenshot-148

Look at all the piles of laundry. Look at the laundry machine. You’d think that one would be able to put a pile of dirty clothes in the dryer. That wouldn’t seem impossible, no?Screenshot-152

Adrian: I’m trying to be neat but I just can’t reach the dryer 😦

Really? Because the floor looks pretty empty to me. In fact, I bet if you shifted your weight a teensy bit to the left, you’d be able to make it! Screenshot-150

Adrian: No. The bear is in the way 😡 *drops another massive pile of laundry*

Well, thanks for that. Also, why are all the piles of laundry identical? Did you take the time to arrange each pile of clothes just so?

Adrian: I have a lot of excess energy.Screenshot-151

Let’s have a closer look at the culprit.

What are you even looking at? These gnomes are so odd.

Meanwhile, at the elementary school…

…a familiar orange glow appears.Screenshot-183




When was the last time we had a positive point balance? before this isbi began let’s be real


passing out -5Screenshot-186

Random werewolf spawn: heh. loser.Screenshot-153

That “loser” brings a friend home from school! A townie! An expression other than pain/remorse! Wow!

Uh…Girl 1: I am suddenly regretting this decision. Screenshot-154

Aw, Farquaad is a good host and immediately begins to bond with the girl who is not her daughter.

Why can’t you do this with your own family?

Farquaad: I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS JUDGMENT.Screenshot-155

Buffy: if I were human, I would want you as my mom! You seem great 😀

Farquaad: yes, that’s me! Model Parent!


Eleven is nowhere to be found, so mystery vampire girl plays by herself with a weird green potato thing with legs. Screenshot-160

It seems the bath taking trend runs in the family.Screenshot-159

And the laundry saga continues. 😐Screenshot-161

Farquaad continues the Good Parent™ charade and cooks some macaroni and cheese for dinner. In the background, Eleven consumes her standard salad.Screenshot-163

What? Why are you leaving a perfectly delicious bowl of mac and cheese on the floor? Disgraceful I say! Horrid I –Screenshot-165

–oh. Oh.

Well. Screenshot-162

Since Eleven’s retreated, Nancy entertains Buffy. Screenshot-134

Outside, a familiar, creepy fairy lingers. Screenshot-166

Oberon the Creepy. Thank Plumbob for doors. You don’t get to see this because the photos after this chapter were, uh, deleted (oops), but I also deleted Oberon because, well, look at him.

He’s creepy.Screenshot-168

Even Eleven and Adrian agreed!

Eleven: Actually, I was admiring his face makeup.

Adrian: NO, I agree with you! He’s scary!


Yes, that’s definitely…uh…one way of expressing fear.

Points: -20

Next time: utter chaos as we deal with the ramifications of many, many lost photos. (oops x20)


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