1.17 – Frumpleboo


Yes, this blog is actually getting updated! Okay, before we begin, the next two chapters (including this one) were shot MONTHS AND MONTHS ago…as were the next ~10 chapters worth of photos that were then deleted in a fit of cleaning frenzy by one unfortunate soul (oops).

In other words, after the next chapter, there will be an odd time jump! Bones will be grown! Puberty will be achieved at speeds previously unbeknownst to simkind! Locatiosn will be changed! Exclamation points will be used!

Anyway, back to the daily semi sporadic program!

Farquaad is still Farquaad.

Frumpleboo™:  helloooo there

Farquaad, you might be too dangerous. How does this happen every time you meet one of your coworkers??

Farquaad: I’m a firefighter. We hot.


Right. You’re exaggerating, of course. Anyway, I’m sure this trend will end now. After all, what are the odds that every single coworker will be attracted to you?


Uh. Yes. Screenshot-84

I don’t know how she does it. Every single man in this fire station adores her.

Farquaad: You wish you were me.

Um…nah, I’m good. Screenshot-82

This guy pulls this expression after Farquaad leaves. Make of it what you will.

Angsty Cowboy #1: My limbs…they move…with the full power of my unbridled emotion!

Okay then. You do you, man.


Do I remember their names? lol no. Do I remember their fierce, never dying love saga of woe and angst? hell yeah.

Female Firefighter: You’re not Char.

Oh, right. Wonder where he went.

Angsty Cowboy #1: Why am I being labelled as a cowboy? I’m just wearing a hat…

Shh…we subscribe to all stereotypes here…ironically, of course.

Angsty Cowboy #1: I’m from Ever City.

All the better!Screenshot-80

Farquaad: I sense impending conflict with this one.

Female FirefighterI was the hot one before you arrived! Me! Screenshot-187

Y’all need to stop with the palpable tension. It’s too much, I tell you. Too much!

…also, is the bathroom really the best place to hold these silent arguments?


Meanwhile, back home, the twin potatoes (it’s a term of endearment, I swear) are tucking themselves into bed. Thank you, Eleven and Nancy, for not losing more points than y’all heathens already have. Screenshot-95

I can’t tell if Nancy is dreaming about the medicine symbol or some weird mutated golden carrot. I’ve decided it’s the latter.Screenshot-93

Is — is this child eating green things? Willingly?

Eleven: I am consuming all the chloroplasts so I, too, will be capable of photosynthesis!

Um…I don’t think that’s how biology works, Eleven.

Eleven: HERE COMES THE SUN.Screenshot-97

Nancy’s become quite taken with the chess set. Which, you know, would be admirable and all if she didn’t keep forgetting to use the restroom.

Nancy: Shhhh I’m concentrating!Screenshot-99

Confession: I forgot this bean’s name and had to go back into the archives to find out. Sorry about that, Will.

Will: I even peed in the plastic cube and everything >:[

I’m sorry!Screenshot-101

Above is evidence that the Future household is still not doing well.

Eleven: I feel like I’m just spreading this pee around, but I’m somehow unable to hold disinfectant or any other cleaning supplies, so this will have to do.

Yeah…I have the feeling there will be many more pee spills to come.

Self-wetting: -5


Nancy: I’m hungry!

Child, please feed yourself. Please. I promise the chess set will wait.Screenshot-107

Nancy: I’m tired!

Please sleep, then.

Eleven: *pees*

It’s always the quiet ones.

Self-wetting: -5Screenshot-108

The Future household is doing so well. Really.Screenshot-109

I’m watching you, Will. Don’t you dare knock that bowl over. Your high chair is actually clean for once! You can tell that it’s blue!

Adrian: I’m not cleaning it up.


Eleven: tired.

Go to bed.Screenshot-112

Eleven: I will take a bath.


Sigh. Then again, I can’t really talk. When I’m tired, I’m guilty of scrolling mindlessly through the internet. Oops.Screenshot-114

Have sims ever used the computer for productive means? Because all Adrian does is play car racing games. Screenshot-117

Oh, well, at least his children seem to make it to school on time. Wait.

Eleven, where is your sister??

Eleven: solving her hunger the only way she knows how.Screenshot-118

I really don’t understand these children. Screenshot-120

That’s it, Nancy. Just casually stroll away like you’re not two hours late to school. It’s fine. It’s all fine.

Papergirl: Wow, was that Nancy Future?

They’re not celebrities! 0 stars are assigned to their names!Screenshot-119

Papergirl: *still gasping*

Sigh. I don’t even know why I try, y’all. Screenshot-121

You know what? You go, Nancy. I wish I could be as nonchalant as you are about…everything!

And, to end this rather random chapter (the upcoming ones will be similarly…interesting), let’s have a look at our favorite, non updated crew!Screenshot-122

Cal: What is this strange place? Why is the ground so uniform? How are those lines so straight??

Oh, hi, Cal. Uh…it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Screenshot-123

Yeah…at this point, I don’t think they’ll be updated for a very, very long while :c Screenshot-125

Aw, it’s the whole crew!

Impa: You gonna update our story, or what??

Levi: I’m not even going to look at you. Do you know how stressful it is to exist in a limbo? Am I going to die the next time you update? Am I going to live? WHAT UP??

Yeah, sorry all. I suck.

But, hey, look! Puppy!


GROWL! Be warned, friend: this here town is a dangerous place for small, cute animals.

Euler, probably: MEOW (aka get away while you still can!)

Can’t say I disagree (completely)…

Points: -15


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