1.11 – Creepy Stranger


Guys, look! Furniture!

Also, please acknowledge my decorating skills. Obviously, in real life my occupation is interior designer. And architect, of course. Please, please, hold your applause.


Euler, however, prefers to stick with the classics.

Euler: well, you didn’t give me a water bowl. What else do you expect me to do?Screenshot-160

Farquaad: I’m hungry.

There’s a fridge right next to you. Figure it out. Screenshot-161

Farquaad: You know I can’t think clearly when I’m hungry!

Or tired. Or distracted. Or sweaty. Or —

Farquaad: #rudeScreenshot-162

^reminder that Adrian and Farquaad are cuties.

Adrian: I’m tired. Can I go to bed now?

Shhh…you’re going to ruin the moment.Screenshot-165

Oh, btw — weird lighting is due to the full moon. Above you can see the two zombies who, upon surfacing, stood in that exact spot for hours. When even the undead are lazy, you know you’ve got a problem.

Zombie #1: Ain’t nobody got time for movement

Okay. Screenshot-168

Instead of going to bed, Adrian autonomously found Farquaad in the bathroom (where she was not, in fact, vomiting, but instead was complaining about how some mysterious culprit – cough Farquaad cough – had clogged the toilet).

Farquaad: When I find whoever did this, I will make them pay!

You don’t have far to look, then.

Farquaad: Huh? Was it you, Adrian??

No! It was you, Farquaad!

Farquaad: Likely storyScreenshot-171

Adrian saved himself from an unjustified tirade by autonomously embracing Farquaad.

Farquaad: Aw. I guess I can forgive you for clogging the toilet

But – but –Screenshot-172

Then, of course, Adrian had to follow that loving gesture up by SLAPPING HER.


I just…???

Farquaad: Seriously reconsidering letting you stay in my palace

Well, it’s not much of a palace, but I get your point.

Farquaad: No one asked for your input! Screenshot-174

Same, Farquaad. Same. Screenshot-176

Farquaad: You know what? Euler, you can have that seat. I don’t feel like sleeping next to that horrible, no good, rotten person anyway.Screenshot-178

Euler: That woman’s presence offends me.


The next morning, we were greeted with the wonderful sight of the violent and creepy chauffeur.

Creepy Stranger: *rams truck into back of Farquaad’s limo* YOU MUST RIDE WITH ME.

Gulp. Also, side note, how on earth did you land a limo? Up until yesterday you only owned a toilet!

Farquaad: idk man, #simslogic I guess



Just don’t make eye contact, Farquaad.

Farquaad: I’m scared o.oScreenshot-182

Farquaad: Drive faster!

Creepy Stranger: Next time, Farquaad…next time


Now, on to everyone’s favorite fire station soap opera! Screenshot-183

Char: This chick is so hot. Like, hot enough to merit a magnet with a pink heart attached to it. Idk what that means, but she deserves it! Screenshot-184

Char: So, uh, I heard you like meat, if you know what I’m saying …

Real smooth, Char. Real. Smooth.

Charlotte-Won’t-Have-Any-More-Of-This: Did you really think your lame meat joke would win me over? Screenshot-186

Char: Pretty sure this means she loves me.

Uh…right. Of course it does.


Look who I found! My baby Arthur Hawthorne!!

Oh, and, yeah, that’s this men’s spouse in the background. Screenshot-188


Yeah, I’d keep walking, too, Arthur.Screenshot-190

I was curious to see where he was walking to so late at night, so I followed him across town to his destination. Screenshot-191

…and of course that destination had to be the graveyard. Screenshot-193

Seriously, what is up with the Windsor characters and cemeteries?? Screenshot-192

He then decided he was tired and left as soon as he’d arrived.

Is it the Moonlight Falls air? What is making all these sims so senseless??

Arthur: At least in this world I have some independence!

Yeah, yeah, freedom is overrated.

And, with that, this update ends! Thanks all for reading! 🙂



  1. raymondsanti · September 22, 2016

    Char’s meat joke omg XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. socallucyfan · September 22, 2016

    Even in this world Arthur is obsessed with the cemetery. I was still so excited to see him!! You know I ship me some Arthur! ❤️😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • thewindsorlegacy · October 8, 2016

      haha yeah idek what’s up with these characters. I get very excited when I see them in the futures-verse though


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