Euler: Who’s this dude and where did he get that frypan from. Actually, who installed all this kitchenware?? What’s happening??????

Uh, yeah. 1) I (Farquaad) invited Adrian over, but then she had to go to work. Adrian is now in the toilet wonderfully furnished house! He’s cooking. 2) the stove, fridge, and counter were deposited by the magical powers of sims (and cold, hard cash).

Adrian: I can’t wait for Farquaad to get out of the bathroom! She’s going to love this mac and cheese.

Oh. Uh, you might be waiting for a while, then.


Euler: Well, he’s the first human I’ve seen in days, so I guess he’ll do.

Adrian: *ignores Euler*

😦 Sorry, Euler. You deserve better.

OH WAIT. GUESS WHO I FOUND (*cue massive tone shift*)??Screenshot-57

EYYY. I moved in all (two) of my other story families, and this is the first time I’ve spotted one of the characters! Everyone, meet Calista (Cal) Thorne. Future!Cal is much less angst-ridden and generally far more carefree. This is probably (most definitely) due to the fact that she is free of my oppressive hold.

Sorry, Cal. The Zevra story demands a certain level of drama.

Cal: I’m FREEEE! No crippling, sorrow-ridden backstory for mEEEEE!

Until this Friday’s update, that is.

Cal: 😡Screenshot-59

Cal: This contraption looks interesting.

I had to make the world implode send Farquaad over to meet Cal. I mean, that’s what this whole ISBI is for, right? Creating amusing situations that only I will find funny??Screenshot-61

Farquaad: You made me run all the way across town, abandoning a fire, so I could see some lady eat a snowcone??

Yup! 😀

Farquaad: …Screenshot-62

Cal: Whoa! This mysterious, bright blue food item is delicious! It’s so much better than my diet of 100% fish!

Don’t get used to it.Screenshot-64

Farquaad: So, I’m being forced against my will to talk to you. In fact, I’m sure that house has burned down by now, meaning I’m never going to get that promotion. What’s your job, by the way?

Nice segue. Very smooth. Screenshot-65

Cal: I travel with a thieving band of pirates! I don’t know where my story is at by the time this chapter is published so I can’t actually be sure about any specifics beyond that! But I do know I will still be thirsting for revenge for the brutal murders of my fiancé and mother. Because, you know, the angst is apparently necessary for my story to continue.

Farquaad: Hey! You’re a fellow victim of the Writer?

Cal: You, too?? Tough break, girl. At least in this universe I have some autonomy.

Farquaad: Yeah, she’s brutal.



Farquaad and Cal: *person person plus*


Wait! Who are those two workers in the background? Screenshot-67

Zevra character #2! I’m writing chapters for all of my stories way out of order, so I don’t know if y’all have met this particular character by the time this Future update is posted…but he’ll be appearing! Screenshot-68

Zevra character #3! Aw, it’s good ol’ Levi!

Levi: What am I wearing. What is this place. WHERE AM I???

Uh…*whistles innocently*



Adrian: I am realizing that I do not know how to play chess.

You’ve been playing for hours! How are you only just realizing this?

Adrian: Yup, definitely don’t know how to play chess.Screenshot-75

Adrian: I sense a presence behind me.

Seriously, what is with the paparazzi in this town? First Oberon, now this Jin lady?

Jin: Heh. I’m getting a good shot of her nostrils.Screenshot-76

I sent them over to the swingset in the hopes that Jin wouldn’t follow them.

Farquaad: We wanted to keep playing chess 😡 I was thoroughly beating him in every match!

He doesn’t know how to play, so I don’t know if that’s really something to be proud of.


Maybe you spent too much time with Cal. Screenshot-77

Farquaad: I’m starving! But something is forcing me to stay here.

I’m impatient and want things to keep progressing. I’ll risk losing a few points for that.

Adrian: What do you mean, “progressing”? What do you have planned??

Sh..you’ll find out soon enough.

Adrian: I’m scared.Screenshot-81

Adrian: Speaking of scary…she’s back D:

Jin: They can’t see me if I can’t see them.Screenshot-82

Farquaad: We definitely see you.

Adrian: Most definitely.

Ignore Jin, you lot! You have stuff to accomplish.

Adrian: What stuff???Screenshot-83

Adrian: Oh. I guess I like this stuff. *jams hand through Farquaad’s hair*

At least you didn’t go for the jaw — I think you’d have ended up with a broken hand.

Jin: I sense a picture opportunity coming up.Screenshot-88

Farquaad: I know we only became official yesterday, but I went ring shopping and bought you a ring that mysteriously cost 0 simoleons!

Adrian: Oh my Plumbob. Is this going where I think it is??


Farquaad: *jams ring onto Adrian’s finger* I know we’ve only just met like eight chapters ago, but something tells me we belong together! Will you marry me?Screenshot-93

Adrian: Oh my Plumbob, yes!! Also, I think you might have broken my finger!!

Farquaad: 😀Screenshot-94

❤ Screenshot-96

Jin: This is going to look so good on my resume.

GO AWAY.Screenshot-97

Farquaad: I’m still hungry.

Okay, okay. You can go home now. At least Adrian’s moved in, now. Maybe he can help you cook some food —Screenshot-101

Oh, boy. You couldn’t at least have your needs fulfilled before moving in?


This should be…interesting.



  1. raymondsanti · September 11, 2016

    Aww they’re engaged! These guys move fast 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • thewindsorlegacy · September 17, 2016

      hehe they sure do. It’s so nice to be able to finally embrace the whole “sims can meet and get married in the same conversation” trope now that i’m free of the shackles of a story-based legacy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. socallucyfan · September 12, 2016

    It’s official!! Future Mr. Farquaad is the future Mr. Farquaad!!! :-0

    Liked by 1 person

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