1.07 – Breaker of Sinks


I’m-Blonded-With-Love*: You and me — we should stick together.

*totally not her actual name

Char: Totally agree with you there.

Farquaad: I’m getting the idea that those two are together.

Tbh, I can’t tell with those two, either. One moment they’re swaying closer to each other, the next, well, see for yourself:



Goldiblonde: What the Plumbob? Why did you scare me like that? 😡

Char: I read that putting your romantic interest in a situation of heightened adrenaline will strengthen your bond!

Nameless: Don’t believe everything you learn in a first year psych class!


Farquaad took this opportunity to use the treadmill outside.


She changes clothes so. Many. Times. Do you know how much dirty clothing this generates?? WHY. WHY. WHY.

Farquaad: Hey! My diving suit matches the lighting of this treadmill. You should be thanking me — I’m making your pictures better.

…I guess so. Screenshot-203

WOW WHAT AN ABRUPT TIME SHIFT. I kept the location constant, at least!

Oberon: Get out of the way, foul beast!

Euler: I’m here because no one ever visits me in the toilet house and my social needs are still low 😦

Oberon: HISSS

Isn’t that Euler’s line?

Farquaad: Hello?? Over here? Acknowledge me! I’m running in heels.

That was your decision, not mine.

Farquaad: Let me repeat that. Running. In. Heels.

Yes, yes, you’re wonderful.


Side note: this Oberon paparazzi guy is SUPER CREEPY. I’ve played ahead a bit (a lot), and he will. Not. Leave. The Futures alone.

Oberon: Ah, yes. Work it. Show me your good side! Screenshot-185

Farquaad: *snores*

Oberon: This will look great in the Moonlight Falls Post!

Why are you even taking pictures of her. She’s not even a celebrity.

Oberon: Yeah, she is! The floating gold star tells me she’s a celebrity.

Oh, right. She made friends with a random celebrity the other day. Curses. Screenshot-186

Pay no attention to the torch holder in the foreground of the above photo. No, the real focus of this photo is Cindy Who in the background there.

Farquaad: Hey!

Sin nombre: You know, I’m feeling a sudden surge of anger towards this sink. In fact, it might even be hatred.

Oh no you don’t —


Cursed-Sink-Breaker: GRR! Who had the nerve to break this sink? Now I can’t wash my beautiful hands!

At this rate, you’re never going to get a name.

This handy firefighter, of course, refused to fix the sink she broke. Okay, Farquaad, you’re up again — go fix that sink!


Farquaad: Nah, I think I’m going to get some gossip instead.

What. But – but the sink is flooding right next to you —

Farquaad: Hey, Lucy, what’s up with you and Char? Screenshot-190

Totally-not-Lucy-I-swear: Hehehe you really want to know?

Uh…maybe not all the details. I’m not sure how old our readers are.

Firewoman#2: Huh? Readers?


By the way, the whole time this conversation was going down, Char was sitting at the table with his juice-box.

Char: What? I like gossip.

They’re discussing your love life.

Char: So? It’s gossip. *slurps juice* Screenshot-193

Thanks, Farquaad.

Farquaad: Yeah, yeah. Just make sure you hire some babysitters when it comes time for it, alright?

Sorry, that means losing points, and I can’t have that.

Farquaad: Wai – what? This isn’t what I signed up for!


Char: I think I love you.

Breaker-of-sinks: I love you, too!


Char: Actually, jk. I think I hate you.

Destroyer: ditto 😡

Sigh. I swear, you guys, make up your minds!

Char + Sink-Hater: NO.

Well, then.


Whoa! Who’s actually cleaning that mess? What darling, wonderful, poor fool is mopping? Screenshot-198

Aw. Yup, you guessed it — Adrian possesses the holy grail of all traits —


*cue angels singing*

This is great, really, Adrian. You’re going to be so happy once you’ve joined the Future household.

Your future (heh) awaits!

Adrian: Wait! That sponge looks highly stressed! D:

Uh oh. Quick, Farquaad! Activate jaw powers!


Farquaad: On it, boss.



  1. raymondsanti · September 4, 2016

    Oooooh 😉 Go Adrian! Also, can I petition to name that one person Destroyer-of-Sinks? XD

    Liked by 2 people

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